Dr. Madeline Witte Glass
4540 Belt Line Road
Addison, Texas 75001
(972) 789-9333

Melissa M.
Dr. Glass is great!  She's so welcoming and friendly.  I hadn't been there in 5 years and

just came in today and it felt like I never left.

Nikki R.
Dr. Glass is my primary care doctor.  That's all I need!  She's awesome!
Clementine W.
Dr. Madeline Witte Glass is wonderful and I have seen chiropractors my entire life.
Justice E.
Dr.Glass is the best
Arturo V.
Hands down, a chiropractor that knows. You will feel far better after you have tried her technique.
Jennifer R.
I have suffered for years with headaches and migraines...

bad headaches almost every day and at least 2 migraines a month. 

Since my first visit in Nov. 2013, I have only had ONE migraine!!! 

Dr. Glass has done wonders eliminating my headaches to a minimum level. 

I am still a work in progress, but I am amazed at how much better I feel. 

I am now taking my son in hopes that she can help with his ADHD. 

Dr. Glass and her staff ROCKS! <3

Craig L.
I'm really happy I found this place.  Dr. Glass is very caring and relationship oriented. 

She definitely goes the extra mile to ensure you're getting the best possible results

using a variety of treatments.  Addison Chiropractic Clinic has great staff,

atmosphere, and pricing. You can't go wrong here.

Kristen H.
I've been coming here for YEARS! Since 2007, in fact, and I even drive from

Frisco despite having moved over a year ago! Dr. Glass is a miracle worker. 

Regina S.
LOOOOOOVVVVVVVEEEEEE everything about Addison Chiro!!!!

Even thinking about trying acupuncture because I trust Dr. Glass so much.

I don't think I'd trust anybody else to do it, but I'm putty in Dr Glass' hands.

I walk in a stiff, tense, aching board. I walk out a bowl of jello. Lauri is amazing- 

The friendliest, nicest medical assistant I've ever met. I feel like walking in the office is like

meeting my girlfriends for lunch, but it comes with spa treatments and pain relief, too.

Can't say enough about the whole office. Everybody loves their jobs, and it cracks me up

how excited Dr Glass gets about being able to get you adjusted.

So, in sum, GO THERE! You'll be impressed, too.

Lauri H.
Love the compassion and friendly staff. Try Chiro care before medication. It really works!!
Stephanie E.
No other chiropractor compares to this adjusting Angel from above. Dr. Glass is FanTabulous.
Presley K.
Nobody better in DFW. I had lower back pain from a sports injury.
There was no hope until Dr. Glass did her thing. I highly recommend her!! 5 stars

Carolyn C.
The Doc ROCKS!!!
Kristen D.
Visiting Dr. Glass is the highlight if any day/week!

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